…restoring the fullness of God’s glory through Music for the impartation of Life to the Nations!

Training Singers and Instrumentalists into Ministers and releasing them to touch the world for Christ through Music. The Music and Worship Academy is developing human resource to administer the two arms of this ministry.

The Davidic ENvoys – The arm that services the fellowship and body of Christ

The Davidic Corporation – The arm the ministry that runs the technology for digital music production. To be equipped with state of the art facilities for recording and expertise for marketing. This is to be developed as a full fledged business corporation to engage Babylon.

…packaging Creative Ministry through the Electronic Media for the edifying of the Body and blessing of the Nations!

Through creative programming, we have a vision of extending the frontiers of the five-fold ministry to the nations beginning from the community. For the knowledge of God’s glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas, the electronic media must play a vital role in disseminating the Gospel of the Kingdom. When fully developed, HIS GRACE MEDIA will function as a broadcast ministry.


….Packaging the Kings Message through the print media and expressing glory!

With the ultimate goal of running a state of the art printing press, HIS KINGDOM COMMUNITY HOUSE Publishing publishes Kingdom related books, tracts, Magazines and literature at very highly subsidized prizes. This is to enable the message of the King get to the market at the least cost to the people.

….expressing His Glory through creative Acts!

This Ministry will work closely with HIS GRACE MEDIA. Focusing on the transmission of creative ideas and projecting the message of the King, skilled hands will produce movies, documentaries and stage works to the glory of God.

…creating Lasting Solutions, bridging generational gaps!

Children form an integral part in the plan of God. We believe in long-term strategic programming that will help develop children for kingdom awareness. Through this ministry, we will encourage the development of tools, accessories and soft wares that will capture their imagination while training them for lasting Kingdom operations.

Outreach Ministries

….reaching the World for His Glory!

The command to ‘Go make disciples of all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ attracts an awesome Grace. This evangelical ministry functions to work out corporate strategies for taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth.


REHAB INITIATIVE (Ministries for Social Action)

…love in Action!

The principle of loving your neighbours as yourself is set in the need to leverage the gaps that prevent the less privileged for appreciating the basics of life. The operation of this ministry will be determined by the critical need of the season. There is a current burden for the displaced youths in the society.